Book Errata

Starflower Hat:

1) The lace pattern as written is to be worked in the round. Working flat will cause the pattern to not line up correctly. Between rows 6&7, and again between rows 14&15, move the beginning-of-the-round marker to the left.

2) In the decrease rnd section for the crown shaping, rnd 2 is missing. It should say, rnd 2: Work sts as they appear.

Tulip Henley

1) Chart key correction shown in photos for pattern with changes highlighted (click on thumbnail below for the larger photo). The WS instructions for decreases weren’t included.

2) Page 90
Stitch Guide
Petite Shells Edging

Row 2 should read as follows:

Row 2: (WS) P3, yo, work p1, yo, k1tbl all in next st, p1; rep from to last
2 sts, p2–st count has inc’d to a multiple of 4 sts + 6.

Honeycomb Tunic

1) The RT and LT definitions are wrong. They should instead be defined as:

RT : Skip 1 stitch and knit the 2nd stitch, then purl the skipped stitch, then slip both stitches from needle together.
LT : Skip 1 stitch and purl the 2nd stitch through back loop, then knit the skipped stitch, then slip both stitches from needle together