Shetland Triangle

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Beginnings of a Shetland Triangle (from Wrap Style):

I’m using the delectable Schaefer Anne. It’s so hard to photograph unblocked lace!

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I’m back from a brief trip to California. Can you believe that I grew up in the bay area, but that I’ve never been to Big Sur, a mere 3 hour drive from San Francisco? Well, I didn’t know what I was missing:

I decided to knit the smallest size (3-6 months) both because I figured it would be nice to give her something she could use almost right away and because it’s the least time intensive option. I love baby knits! Instant gratification here I come.

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Finished with pictures. Please excuse the slightly bloodshot eyes and stupid pose. This picture was taken after a long night of weaving in ends.

It’s on its way to the yarn shop today and I’ve cast on for the next project – the Shetland Triangle from Interweave Knits Wraps.

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I have the sweetest husband. Last Saturday was our 29th wedding monthiversary (yes, we celebrate each month, we’re such dorks!) and we went out to dinner for it as usual (the only stipulation being that it must be a different restaurant than where we celebrated any previous monthiversary, though it doesn’t have to be a new restaurant to us). But on Sunday, my husband wanted to cook a special dinner for me just because (someone is earning his secret Cambridge Jacket ;) ), and this is what he came up with:

I tried it on briefly (I’ll spare you the picture for now) and it was big on me, but the yarn is very comfortable against the skin and the pattern is very pretty. My husband was surprised at how “professional” it looked. I’m not sure if I should be flattered or insulted by that!

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I have projects coming out of my ears! First, there’s the sample I’m working on for the store – the cable and lace sweater from the new Rowan Classic Alpaca book. Then, I’ve taken on yet another sample for the store – the Shetland Triangle using a lovely teal, blue, and green colorway of Schaefer Anne. Pictures of that project will come when I’m finished with the Rowan sweater.

While I was at the store, I picked up a few balls of Plymouth Dreambaby DK to make a hat and booties for my friend’s upcoming bundle of joy. The snob in me itched to get the Rowan Cashsoft DK, but the more practical side won out. Given how much baby items need to be washed and dried and given how harried new mothers are, I’m guessing gently handwashing baby clothes and laying them out to dry probably isn’t the most reasonable expectation.

In addition, a little deeper dig into my stash box has unearthed a few UFO ghosts. There’s the K1C2 Richesse et Soie scarf that I started 2 years ago as a replacement for the first gift I knitted my husband when we were still dating. He accidentally felted it in the wash one day and I promised to make him another.

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Obligatory, but boring, knitting content ahead…

This is the back of the cable and lace sweater, dubbed Linen by the Rowan people, in progress.

I like the combination of lace and cables — one a light, airy element, the other traditionally heavier — together. The deep ribbing is nice too.

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Lots of stuff going on in the city yesterday. In addition to the event I primarily came to NYC for – the Knit Out in Union Square – there was a San Gennaro Fair in Little Italy, the 11th annual Mexican Day Parade on Madison Ave., and according to a friend of mine, a Japanese Craft festival on the upper west side.

There was a lot of people at the Knit Out yesterday, but shy girl that I am, I didn’t really meet anyone new. Instead, my cousin and I sought refuge from the sun and the heat in the shade next to the stage. From a distance, we spotted Lily Chen and Stephanie of Yarn Harlot fame. There were booths manned by the staff of various LYS’s of the city (including one with a neat knitted banner), by publishing companies (Interweave had sneak peek display samples from their upcoming winter issue), and by knitting charities.

Afterwards, my husband and I grabbed a quick dinner from John’s in the Village. It’s such a popular place that there was a wait even at 6:00 on a Sunday. We had a simple mushroom pizza, but it was delicious!

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Here’s the yarn I’ll be using for the Linden sweater from the Rowan Classic Alpaca book. It’s very soft; although I’m not crazy about the color. I tend to be quite boring in my own yarn color choices – beiges, greys, blacks, creams…

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