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Slow, pathetic progress on the Cambridge Jacket for my husband. He’s coming back this afternoon so this is all that will be done for the next week. I hope this will fit him. It’s so hard to tell with a yarn as stretchy as Rowan Calmer and a rib pattern.

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The next sample I’m knitting for the store is this lovely cable and lace sweater from the new Rowan Classic Alpaca book; except I’ll be knitting it in Plymouth’s Super Taj Mahal – a merino/silk/cashmere blend. I’m relieved that it’s not going to be in alpaca. I love alpaca, but after having knitted the last 2 out of 3 projects in some form of alpaca or another, I’m glad to be going back to a smooth fiber (that doesn’t shed).

I’m also still knitting my husband’s Cambridge Jacket from the summer Interweave, but progress has been glacial due to having to knit it on US 8 straights. It’s very tiring on my hands since I have to knit it very tightly to make sure the gauge doesn’t get too large. I tried switching to US 7’s, but even loosely knit, the gauge turns out too tight. So, I’m in a Goldilocks situation here where nothing seems to be just right. I wish needle sizes had more gradations available. I’m thinking a 7.5 might be useful here.

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The Simple Cardigan is done and resting on my blocking board.

Yarn: 10 skeins Classic Elite Inca Marl
Size: Medium

I like the appearance of the yarn knitted up – it’s a wonderful tweed fabric – but a huge negative with this yarn is how much it sheds. There are tweed bits *everywhere* in my apartment. Since I started knitting this cardigan 2 weeks ago, I’ve had to dust my apartment twice. Finally, I gave up and decided to wait until after I finish the sweater and send if off to the yarn shop before attempting to dust my apartment again.

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The new sample I’m working on now is the Simple Cardigan from The Tweed Collection made from Classic Elite’s Inca Marl – the colors are very pretty, tweedy rather than variegated.

It’s a straightforward stockinette pattern except for the ribbed bands which are knit in one piece with the rest of the sweater. Simple Cardigan indeed!

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Pictures of the baby sweater sample.

Here is a picture of the yarn used. I love the colors together. The yarn shop owner has such good taste when it comes to which colors work well together. It’s a tricky talent. I can’t visualize the blending in my mind, but those who are adept at it can create such lovely palettes and art with fiber.

The button bands are a little pinched; the pattern has you sewing them on separately and instructs you to knit the bands a little shorter than the sweater length. I think I may have overdone that part, but hopefully a good blocking will sort it all out.

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More sample knitting… Well, I was hoping I could post a picture of my next sample knit for the store, but my laptop is on the fritz, so I’ll just post a picture of the picture from the pattern book. It’s the “Daisies” baby sweater from the new RYC Bambino made from Cashsoft DK. I got the yarn on Thursday and finished the sweater on Sunday. I already have in my hot little hands the next sample knit I’m making for the store.

Daisies was lovely to knit – a very simple stockinette pattern broken in a few choice places by seed (moss) stitch. The yarn is incredibly soft and I’ve heard that it holds up better than Debbie Bliss’ Baby Cashmerino. The most painful part of the sweater was the embroidered daisies. Having never embroidered before, it took me three hours to embroider four lousy daisies. But the finished effect is very cute. I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t figure out the buillon stitch from the book so totally punted on that and asked for one of the other nice shop frequenters to help me out.

I was working on the sweater at my aunt’s birthday party (Yes, I have a problem and I’m the first to admit it, I. can’t. put. down. the. knitting!) and all of my aunt’s friends were asking me if I was pregnant. It’s funny, they’re all very sensitive because their children are all around my age and starting to have children of their own.

I hope to have one progress pic and a finished pic of the baby sweater posted here soon. I’ll also post details on my next sample sweater soon (it’s from one of the new Classic Elite books).

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A finished silk shrug.

What do you think? Does it need a blocking?

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Played hooky today from work. I went to work in the morning, but took off at noon to go to NYC to meet a friend for a day of yarn shop hopping. I had just introduced this friend to knitting and she was eager to explore the many textures and colors out there. We went to School Products (where I managed to steel my resolve and not purchase an incredible skein of handdyed lace-weight cashmere), Habu, Yarn Connection, Knit 321, String and Yarn Co.

My friend didn’t escape unscathed. Here’s a basket of luscious bamboo yarn she scooped up at Habu.

Everything in the cafe – including the uniforms of the waitresses – are in monochromatic black and white tones, down to the flower arrangements and restrooms.

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I’m in the home stretch. No pictures until the shrug is finished since there’s not much to see yet. Last night I seamed the sleeves and sides and picked up 300 stitches (ugh!) all around the body in size 9 needles. Working on such huge needles with tiny yarn is a pain though, so I cheated a bit and picked up using the size 3s I had been using for the body/sleeves and only changed to 9s once I started the ribbing.

Ribbing takes a *long* time – especially when you have to knit 6 inches of it, especially when there are 300 stitches! Before the ribbed border, I had two full skeins of the Alpaca & Silk left. I thought I would have one skein left over after all is said and done. Much to my surprise, I found that just 3 inches of ribbing took up almost an entire skein. So I guess I won’t have anything left over after all!

My new apartment doesn’t have a lamp or adequate lighting yet. The best light in the place is in the kitchen. So I was quite the sight – sitting in the middle of my kitchen, my laptop playing Lost cast interviews from YouTube, and struggling to knit the edging on my shrug. I really think I want to get one of those full spectrum lamps advertised to reduce eye strain. I love knitting, but sometimes my eyes really feel tired after an hours-long session with my needles.

I hope to have a picture up either tonight or tomorrow of the completed shrug!

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Boring progress shot…

Almost done with the second sleeve, I hope to have a completed object to show here very soon!

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