The new sample I’m working on now is the Simple Cardigan from The Tweed Collection made from Classic Elite’s Inca Marl – the colors are very pretty, tweedy rather than variegated.

It’s a straightforward stockinette pattern except for the ribbed bands which are knit in one piece with the rest of the sweater. Simple Cardigan [...]

Pictures of the baby sweater sample.
Here is a picture of the yarn used. I love the colors together. The yarn shop owner has such good taste when it comes to which colors work well together. It’s a tricky talent. I can’t visualize the blending in my mind, but those who are [...]

More sample knitting… Well, I was hoping I could post a picture of my next sample knit for the store, but my laptop is on the fritz, so I’ll just post a picture of the picture from the pattern book. It’s the “Daisies” baby sweater from the new RYC Bambino made from Cashsoft [...]

A finished silk shrug.

What do you think? Does it need a blocking?

Played hooky today from work. I went to work in the morning, but took off at noon to go to NYC to meet a friend for a day of yarn shop hopping. I had just introduced this friend to knitting and she was eager to explore the many textures and colors out there. [...]

I’m in the home stretch. No pictures until the shrug is finished since there’s not much to see yet. Last night I seamed the sleeves and sides and picked up 300 stitches (ugh!) all around the body in size 9 needles. Working on such huge needles with tiny yarn is a pain [...]

Boring progress shot…

Almost done with the second sleeve, I hope to have a completed object to show here very soon!

We’re finally moved in! Everything’s in boxes and the apartment definitely needs a good once-over, but our precious posessions are out of that mildy sketchy garage.
And now, I can finally post some pictures of the silk shrug I’m knitting for my old LYS. It’s a Blue Sky Alpacas pattern and is knit in [...]

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy moving down the street. Unfortunately, we hit a snag where our new place won’t be available until the 9th of August, but we had to move out of our old place by July 31. The temporary, unsatisfactory solution? – We moved all of [...]