Shetland Triangle

Beginnings of a Shetland Triangle (from Wrap Style):

I’m using the delectable Schaefer Anne. It’s so hard to photograph unblocked lace!

I’m back from a brief trip to California. Can you believe that I grew up in the bay area, but that I’ve never been to Big Sur, a mere 3 hour drive from San Francisco? Well, I didn’t know what I was missing:

I decided to knit the smallest size (3-6 months) both because [...]

Finished with pictures. Please excuse the slightly bloodshot eyes and stupid pose. This picture was taken after a long night of weaving in ends.

It’s on its way to the yarn shop today and I’ve cast on for the next project – the Shetland Triangle from Interweave Knits Wraps.

I have the sweetest husband. Last Saturday was our 29th wedding monthiversary (yes, we celebrate each month, we’re such dorks!) and we went out to dinner for it as usual (the only stipulation being that it must be a different restaurant than where we celebrated any previous monthiversary, though it doesn’t have to be [...]

I have projects coming out of my ears! First, there’s the sample I’m working on for the store – the cable and lace sweater from the new Rowan Classic Alpaca book. Then, I’ve taken on yet another sample for the store – the Shetland Triangle using a lovely teal, blue, and green colorway [...]