La Dolce Vita

I’m currently in Italy with my husband, visiting his family. A few days ago we went to his town’s version of BestBuy and got his family a wireless router to convert his mother’s slow dial-up connection to DSL, allowing me a quick post.
We’ve been here for about a week, just hanging out in his [...]

Knitting’s version of the waiting bus syndrome

Are you familiar with the waiting bus syndrome – where you wait and wait and wait for a bus that never comes because you’re afraid that the minute you leave, the bus will come? And the more you wait, the more you’re reluctant to leave, having sunk in a certain amount of time already [...]

Christmas in the city

Ahhhh…Nothing beats Christmas in the city (NYC). On Thursday, my husband and I played hooky and went down to the city to gawk at the Christmas decorations, lights, and holiday markets. We wanted to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures (70 degrees!) and walk around before the cold temps and freezing winds [...]