One Weird Thing About Me

There’s this meme going around – six weird things about me – where the subject reveals six weird things about him/her. Well, once I start, I might not be able to stop so I’ll just confine myself to one, knitting-related weird thing about me.
I get stressed when yarn cakes start to look like this:I [...]

You know it’s late when…

…the Nickelodean channel programming changes from guilty pleasures sitcoms from the 80s/90s (i.e. Full House) to kid shows (i.e. Rugrats) — for the record, that happens at 6 a.m.
I’m off to sleep!

Pretty yarn, American Idol, and Eunny Jang

Look! Pretty yarn!
After giving myself a two-day break, I’m ready to start my next design project. The yarn is Lanas Puras, a supersoft worsted weight merino handdyed by the talented Yarn Botanika – look at the subtle variation in the cream skein (gorgeous!). The skeins are wound up and ready for swatching. [...]


I just sent this:
I’ve knit this already for a friend (but forgot to take a photo before it was gifted – drat!) out of the recommended Suss Fishnet Alpaca yarn (a doubled yarn composed of 2 laceweight strands of an alpaca/viscose blend). And I wanted one for myself, but in a slightly less fuzzy [...]