Doing a Penelope

I swear, I feel like Penelope these days — knitting, ripping out, re-knitting. I’ve been working on the same 7 inches for the past 2 days. Good news is that I think I’m finally past it – although decisions still need to be made for the rest of the piece. Sorry about [...]

Feeling totally lame…

…about having a knitting blog without actually showing any knitting, I’m going to post some info on an old project I finished 2 years ago.

Yes, that’s a mistake in the first row of elongated hexagons where I somehow skipped a stitch, shifting everything. I didn’t notice it until the stole was blocked. And [...]


OK, here we go…
1) My favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbin’s Mint Chocolate Chip – green, florescent dye and all. I prefer it over all of the other, more gourmet versions of the flavor. I think it’s the chocolate “chips”. They’re thinner, almost gone before they hit your tongue.
2) In my first [...]