Mary Jane Mucklestone!

I’ve been wanting to meet Mary Jane for a while now. I came close in June when my sister-in-law came to the US to visit us. We managed to get up to Maine, but an hour long stop in Freeport turned into 6 hours and we didn’t have enough time to make it up [...]

My brother has an Etsy Shop!

After some big sister needling by yours truly, my brother has finally opened an Etsy shop here.
So far he just has this print up:

It’s a bit of a departure for him because he’s using more colors than usual – he’s usually a brown aficionado – but it does feature his favorite animal – the cat [...]

Help for Haiti

Edited to Add: I’ve just been told that my gallery doesn’t seem to be formatted properly (the captions are missing) when viewed through a blog reader like bloglines. To see the gallery, go directly to the post here. Sorry for the inconvenience; I’m trying to figure out how to fix this.
I think [...]

Donna Druchunas Blog Tour Stop

Today I have the honor of hosting Donna Druchunas, author of the successful Arctic Lace and Ethnic Knitting series. I’ve been a part of Donna’s blog tours before here and here.
Donna has a couple of exciting releases and events coming up including her new book, Successful Lace Knitting, which delves deeper into the [...]

Happy New Year!

I am composing a year end wrap up post, but it’s hard! My sense of knitting time is all turned around due to the nature of publishing lead times. I find myself knitting camisoles and short sleeved pullovers in the winter and heavy alpaca coats in the summer.
So, while I try to figure out [...]