Bay Ridge Trek, Spider Mitt Swap

For the first time since I joined the Spiders, I had to miss out on the annual Bay Ridge trek to Marie’s. But I had already signed up for the mitts swap, the sequel to our cowl swap from the year before. Fortunately, my swapmate, Colleen, was very gracious; and although I hated to disappoint [...]

Spring in DC

Sorry for the drive by posting, but I wanted to mention that Maurizio joined me in Virginia this weekend (rather than me returning home to him) and we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC. As warned, it was super crowded (even the lines to buy metrocards were long!); but totally worth it. The [...]

Alexandria Considered

Alexandria’s pattern page with specs and more info.
Well, the promise to post more about Alexandria went from “later today” to “later two weeks from now”…one of the hazards of a full time job I guess (especially one that requires travel to Virginia 4 days out of the week for the foreseeable future).

1. Alexandria, photo copyright [...]