Giveaway Winners!

I finally managed to pull out my trusty GNU Octave random number generator and compiled a list of winners. I decided to round out the winner count to 7 and they are commenters #90, 163, 51, 157, 175, 18, and 26. I’ve already emailed the winners, so if Liz, Irene, PICAdrienne, Maribel, Amanda [...]

Christmas is, er, here?

On my way to a cupcake date with Melissa and Colleen on Friday, I walked past Bryant Park and saw this:

Looks like the Bryant Park Holiday Market is up and running. I love Christmas, but this is a little soon isn’t it? The rest of the city’s holiday markets (Grand Central, Columbus Circle, [...]

Turnabout is fair play.

Thanks, guys, for sharing the kinds of things you’re itching to knit these days. The contest is open for another week, so click here to leave a comment and a chance to win one of six great patterns.
Since turnabout is fair play, I thought I’d give you guys a peek at the non-book knitting I’ve [...]