Tinsel Trading Company

Today I had lunch with the lovely Melissa Wehrle – I’ll write about our discussion in a future blog post devoted to highlighting her recently published book, Metropolitan Knits: Chic Designs for Urban Style. But for now, I wanted to mention our quick post-lunch visit to Tinsel Trading Company.
I was introduced to this shop by [...]

New Line/New Logo!

A little more than 2 years ago, my life changed irrevocably with the arrival of a squalling, demanding, endearing, intoxicating, impossible, wonderful creature — my daughter, Olivia. On some level, I knew that I would have to shift my life around to accommodate this new presence, but at the time, I didn’t appreciate just how [...]

Olivia Petit Redux

I’m happy that I’m finally getting around to re-visiting and releasing Olivia Petit under my own design line – Connie Chang Chinchio Designs. The release of Olivia Petit also coincides with a brand new logo for the babies and kids’ section of my design line – Piccoli Chinchio – designed by my talented brother. [...]