Porca miseria!

The post title refers to the weather here in Northern Italy, which is still rainy and altogether dreary. If I’m not mistaken, “porca miseria” means something like “what a pain” or something like that. Hopefully, I’m not posting a phrase that’s really obscene or offensive. My husband says it quite a bit, [...]

Knitter’s debut

My first two print designs are out (sort of…):

I’ve been checking Knitter’s site like a woman obsessed for the past month, waiting for their summer preview to go up online and it looks like it’s finally there. I’m not sure when the issue will hit newsstands, but I’m away at the moment anyway.
Here, in [...]

Off to Italy!

I’m off to Italy tonight. Temperatures are in the 90s. Ugh. Hopefully I can convince my husband to take a short mini trip to Liguria, which is by the coast. His family lives very inland, hence the hot temps.
Before I left, I thought I would post about my next next project [...]

Wrinkle in Time Reissue

I just read that one of my favorite books of all time is being re-issued for its 45th anniversary. Of course, A Wrinkle in Time has been in print continuously as far as I know throughout its 45 year life – and justifiably so. As a kid, I hungrily devoured all of the [...]

This is getting boring I know…

I finished the 3rd glove and it matches its mate (the 2nd glove) in size perfectly. I’m so impressed with myself for finishing 3 gloves. I’m usually so bad at finishing the 2nd sock, the 2nd glove, the 2nd sleeve, etc. Still, knitting the same glove over and over again doesn’t make [...]

3rd glove syndrome

I did finish the second glove. And look how good I was, I made the second glove a left glove too so I wouldn’t be tempted to just stop at the second glove and use a mismatched (size-wise) pair.
The second glove is slightly too large, but I prefer a slightly large glove [...]