A thoughtful gift & a late night film

Posted on | July 14, 2007 | 5 Comments

Fellow bloggers are the nicest people. I made an offhand comment several weeks ago to
There’s a velcro fastening at the top where you can insert a coat hanger to discretely stow your now organized circular needle collection in an out of the way closet. Thanks so much, Edna!

Last night, my husband and I took in a late showing of the new Harry Potter film. The film felt really rushed in places (the book which the film is based on is 800+ pages!) and some details (relatively insignificant) were changed, but in general I liked it. I especially liked the exhilarating nighttime broomstick ride through a lit up London towards the beginning of the film. Seeing magic set against the backdrop of a modern city is very thrilling for some reason – I thought that scene was really well done. Unfortunately, I thought the film deteriorated a bit from then on. But I did enjoy seeing all the lovely sweaters that we’ve come to expect from a Harry Potter film. In particular, I liked the vest Ginny Weasley wore on Christmas morning. And some of Hermione’s sweaters were great too. I found myself thinking of sweater construction for most of the film. Now, that’s obsession isn’t it?


5 Responses to “A thoughtful gift & a late night film”

  1. Gudrun Johnston
    July 14th, 2007 @ 10:59 am

    I think I should get more organized with my needles too…they are in an unattractive ziploc right now!
    My kids really want to see the new HP film….did you think it was or would be scary for a 6 and 8 year old? (a very brave 6 year old I might add).
    I do the same thing at movies…I found myself examining Shrek’s clothing in the most recent Shrek movie and getting design ideas!!

    July 15th, 2007 @ 3:42 pm

    Well-I really never did use the holder-I promise…I am so pleased it found a good home and Thanks for the kind words…

  3. Iris G
    July 16th, 2007 @ 12:49 am

    Oh the holder looks great! What I liked even better is the packaging–so colorful!
    And I found it amazing that you can actually think about a design when watching Harry Potter–maybe you need a break ;-) .

  4. Penny
    July 18th, 2007 @ 3:04 am

    That’s more or less what I thought about the film. It’s not obsessive though, unless you go home, search the net for stills showing the best sweaters and then blog about it…

  5. kat coyle
    July 18th, 2007 @ 9:24 pm

    I have a needle holder too that I bought from Edna. I LOVE IT. For the first time all my circs are organized. It’s made life simpler and I’m less likely to buy the same size needles over and over again.

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