Lunch with Kristen!

Posted on | October 20, 2009 | 1 Comment

Even though I couldn’t make it up to Rhinebeck this past weekend, I felt like I got a capsule (and in some ways better) experience in the days leading up to the yarn festival.

That trend continued on Friday when I got an email from Kristen Rengren, the author of Vintage Baby Knits, asking if I would be free to meet for lunch because she had to stop in the city for a yarn emergency en route to Rhinebeck. Hell yes! I’ve been wanting to meet Kristen for a while…ever since I’ve been charmed by her book, her passion for all things vintage, and her talent at translating vintage knits for a modern audience. In addition, she comes across as a fun, sparkling, and insightful person in her posts (both on Ravelry and on her newly retooled blog) and she doesn’t disappoint in person :)

Because she intended to go to the Rhinebeck area after our lunch and because she was driving into the city, we decided to have lunch on the upper west side (from my days of driving into the city on weekends, I remembered that the edges of the upper west side sometimes yielded parking spaces). We settled on Alice’s Tea Cup – a yummy high tea cafe that also serves lunch items.

Talking to Kristen was a lot of fun. I think we both started designing around the same time and approached it in a similar manner; so we’re at similar points in our designing evolution. Also, Kristen’s a girl after my own heart, preferring small gauges and tiny needles. So, we had a lot to discuss!

Before we parted ways, we had a quick snapshot taken with Kristen’s camera with the whimsical print of an upholstered bench as a backdrop.

I hope I’ll get an opportunity to see Kristen again soon.



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  1. marri
    October 20th, 2009 @ 6:59 pm

    oh, how fun! i love alice’s tea cup… *sigh* now i miss nyc even more than usual.

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