My (brief) DC adventure

Posted on | October 1, 2009 | 2 Comments

I can’t believe it’s already October! Where does the time go? I do look forward to this time of year, when the air turns chillier and the leaves change color; but seasons also remind me how quickly time passes. When I was a kid, the months dragged on interminably and summer seemed to last forever. But I digress…

I spent the last two days in DC. I haven’t been to DC since my parents took me on an educational trip there when I was 12. This time, I was there to interview at what I call a ‘grown up’ job. ‘Grown up’ mainly because it required me to wear clothes other than my usual uniform of an elastic waist long skirt, tank top and lightweight cardigan. Some of the Spiders took pity on me and helped me shop for appropriate interview clothes and gave me such helpful tips as – introduce myself with my jacket buttoned and then when I sit down, unbutton the jacket. Who knew?

My interview was Tuesday afternoon and my friend, Janis (who came for moral support), and I took the Amtrack down early that morning. The interview itself was relatively pleasant — 30 minutes sessions each with 5 different members of the group.

Afterwards, we met up with Tanis, who recently relocated to DC and who graciously allowed me to stay the night at her place, and her friend Elspeth, who is an excellent knitter and conservator at the Smithsonian (sounds like such a neat job!). We visited a cute yarn shop (Fibre Space) in Alexandria, VA; and then tucked into some very yummy burgers at the Burger Joint. Then we retired back to Tanis’ to watch Gattaca — I really miss her! — while her adorable pug, Mercury, curled up beside us and slept. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take any pictures throughout the day.

The next morning, I didn’t have too much time before my early afternoon train back to Jersey; so Tanis and I walked past the White House where she snapped a quick picture of me posing in front of it. We also walked to the Washington Memorial, but didn’t have time to go in. Then it was back to Jersey.



2 Responses to “My (brief) DC adventure”

  1. juniperjune
    October 1st, 2009 @ 11:16 am

    small world! elspeth is a friend of mine from summer camp when i was in high school. hers was the first knitting blog i’d ever heard of; even though i knit myself, i thought it was a pretty weird concept. and now i’ve got one of my own!

  2. Tanis
    October 1st, 2009 @ 3:26 pm

    I still think we should have jumped the White House fence…

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