Twist Mid Issue Release – Sabbatical

Some eagle eyed knitters noticed my bio clustered among the other contributors in the Winter issue of Twist. Some also noticed that the yarns in the Isles of Shoals story included the Fibre Company’s Road to China Light, but that no sweater or garment in that story used it. That’s because I [...]

Milan, Steve McCurry Photo Exhibit

On Sunday, Maurizio and I took advantage of the fact that it stopped snowing and raining and took the train to Milan. We met up with Maurizio’s high school friend Elia and his wife, Ester, who live in the city. Maurizio’s mother had told us about a photo exhibit of Steve McCurry’s works [...]


Two of the best things about Italy:
Their cappuccino, drained to the dregs while standing up at the bar. The cappuccino is a drink to be had quickly and usually in the morning (though, as a foreigner, I can be forgiven to indulge in it in the afternoon too).

And my mother in law’s dog, Macchiolina (little [...]

Alpaca Pleats Jacket – IK Winter

The Winter IK issue is out and I have a short sleeved cardigan in it, the Alpaca Pleats Jacket. Unfortunately, this is one of those projects that came down to the wire for me, so I didn’t have a chance to take any proper modeled photos. The best I did was a photo [...]

Paper goods

I’m currently under a mountain of deadline knitting – some for self publication, some not.
Yesterday, I took a little break and went to the Union Square Holiday Market and picked up some paper goods:

One is a set of holiday cards for Maurizio and me. We’ll see if we’re actually good about sending them out [...]