Knitting on the Brain

Posted on | May 18, 2010 | No Comments

One of the things I find myself invariably doing these days is visiting malls.  The town where I work has two huge ones and after I leave the office, it seems a bit depressing to go back to an empty hotel room, so I spend a few minutes each day windowshopping.

Yesterday, I passed by J Crew and saw this fanciful display of scarves:

Don’t they look like skeins of yarn? I’ve always loved J Crew’s color palette – so bright and cheerful – and very preppy of course!

Speaking of yarn, I’ll be teaching a lace sweater design course this weekend at Gryphon’s Dyeing Retreat. I hope I’ll get some great pictures to share… though I am hampered somewhat by the limitations of my camera phone. I’m traveling light these days and the thought of lugging around a camera isn’t too appealing. Maybe I can convince one of the retreat goers to share some photos with me.


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