Donna Druchunas’ Blog Tour – All aboard!

I have the honor of being today’s stop on Donna Druchunas’ Book Blog Tour to celebrate the publishing of her third book, Ethnic Knitting Discovery.
Donna’s books are always written with humor and in a great, conversational style. As a reader, I feel that I’m having a nice chat with a good friend, albeit with [...]

Super quick trip home…

…and home is the San Francisco bay area which means I got to stop by Artfibers (aka knitters’ mecca) quickly!
Unfortunately, I didn’t have too much time. I was pretty sure I wanted some Hana – a smooth, fingering weight, luxurious plied silk – to make a camisole for a friend. But other than [...]

More Sushine-y progress

I recently had 8 hours of uninterrupted car knitting time and I got quite a bit done on the Sunshine Tank. I finished one side completely and am halfway finished with the other side, about ready to start on the lacey bits. The tank takes two skeins and one skein is enough to [...]

A knit for me

I’m a little bit tired after my 2 month marathon knitting/designing/pattern writing session. So the other day, I settled down to cast on for my first garment that I didn’t design in close to a year. It’s the Sunshine Tank by
I’ve actually gotten much further since I took this picture. I’m [...]

Breakfast when the cat’s away

My husband is the cat of course. And he’s off to NYC to interview for a job so that at least one of us can be gainfully employed. I dropped him off at the train station at 6:30 this morning and stopped by the 24 hour Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins (the latter is [...]

One Planet Knitters Knitalong

The deadline knitting should be winding down soon for me. After that, I have one more project to do, but nothing lined up beyond that. It’s a little strange. On the one hand, I really need to get my butt in gear and look for a day job. On the other [...]

Doing a Penelope

I swear, I feel like Penelope these days — knitting, ripping out, re-knitting. I’ve been working on the same 7 inches for the past 2 days. Good news is that I think I’m finally past it – although decisions still need to be made for the rest of the piece. Sorry about [...]

Feeling totally lame…

…about having a knitting blog without actually showing any knitting, I’m going to post some info on an old project I finished 2 years ago.

Yes, that’s a mistake in the first row of elongated hexagons where I somehow skipped a stitch, shifting everything. I didn’t notice it until the stole was blocked. And [...]


OK, here we go…
1) My favorite ice cream flavor is Baskin Robbin’s Mint Chocolate Chip – green, florescent dye and all. I prefer it over all of the other, more gourmet versions of the flavor. I think it’s the chocolate “chips”. They’re thinner, almost gone before they hit your tongue.
2) In my first [...]

Published (in my other life)…

Physical Review B
Not much new here, working under a slog of deadlines…

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