Paper goods

I’m currently under a mountain of deadline knitting – some for self publication, some not.
Yesterday, I took a little break and went to the Union Square Holiday Market and picked up some paper goods:

One is a set of holiday cards for Maurizio and me. We’ll see if we’re actually good about sending them out [...]

Lovely Sunday at the Museum of Art and Design

This Sunday, Maurizio and I spent a very lovely Sunday with our next door neighbors at the Museum of Art and Design, site of the Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting exhibit a few years back.
I really liked the Museum’s special exhibits on the whimsical furniture and design of Nendo and the art of paper. [...]

Meeting Madelinetosh, er, I mean Amy!

A month ago, Amy, the creative force behind Madelinetosh Yarns, gave a talk at Knitty City and I was lucky enough to be able to attend.
She talked about what inspires her, the evolution of her company, as well as the origins of some of her most popular colorways.
At the talk, Megan showed me her lovely [...]

Cayuga is coming!

The set has been tech edited and my brother is working on the layout right now. But in the meantime, here’s a quick photo of me wearing the set with Cayuga Lake in the background. The photo is taken at Stewart Park in Ithaca. Have I mentioned how much I love Kumara [...]

Fall Back – Fall Preview!

I know, Fall is already well underway, but I liked the pairing of the phrases Fall Back and Fall Preview; and this past weekend we all got an extra hour of sleep with Fall Back, so…
The Fall preview part of this post concerns those luscious skeins of Kumara I talked about 2 weeks ago. [...]

Ten Years

Ten years ago, Maurizio and I started dating while we were first years in grad school at Cornell. Although I was instantly interested in him when I met him in September, it took a few more weeks before he could convince me that he was interested in me.
To celebrate the occasion, Maurizio took Monday [...]

Accessories & Yarn Porn

I have some friends who’ve been gently suggesting that I design some accessories to help round out my sweater designing obsession. Although I’ve knitted a stray accessory here and there, I’ve never even thought of designing one. Sweaters seem so accessible and straightforward – back, front, sleeves – whereas the intricacies of a [...]

Lunch with Kristen!

Even though I couldn’t make it up to Rhinebeck this past weekend, I felt like I got a capsule (and in some ways better) experience in the days leading up to the yarn festival.
That trend continued on Friday when I got an email from Kristen Rengren, the author of Vintage Baby Knits, asking if I [...]

Nobel Physics Prize

I’m a little late, but I had to say ‘Yay’ for part of the Nobel Physics prize going to Willard Boyle and George Smith who developed the CCD (charged coupled device) in 1969, without which, we would not have our beloved digital cameras.

Weekend at Gudrun’s, Part 2

Saturday evening, Gudrun had invited several “local” knitwear designers (the local is in quotes because some made quite significant drives to attend the potluck) for dinner at her house.
Ysolda made a wonderful galette with roasted butternut squash, caramelized onion, and cheese from a recipe posted by Smitten Kitchen and a gorgeous chocolate beet [...]

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