Alexandria Considered

Alexandria’s pattern page with specs and more info.
Well, the promise to post more about Alexandria went from “later today” to “later two weeks from now”…one of the hazards of a full time job I guess (especially one that requires travel to Virginia 4 days out of the week for the foreseeable future).

1. Alexandria, photo copyright [...]

The Cayuga Set

The Cayuga Set is here.
Because not everyone likes both hats and mittens, I’ve decided to release them separately. If you’d like to purchase both patterns, I’m also offering a set option, where you can purchase the set for a 25% discount off the price of the individual patterns.
The Cayuga Set:
Yarn: Classic Elite [...]

Ten Years

Ten years ago, Maurizio and I started dating while we were first years in grad school at Cornell. Although I was instantly interested in him when I met him in September, it took a few more weeks before he could convince me that he was interested in me.
To celebrate the occasion, Maurizio took Monday [...]

Pattern Slog

This is the not so exciting view from my desk today. My older laptop is providing me with some background noise in the form of Mulder and Scully (I just re-discovered the X-files and that seasons 1-6 are vastly superior to the later seasons); and I’m trying to work out some charts on my [...]