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Physical Review B
Not much new here, working under a slog of deadlines…


A while back, my brother gave me a cute, knitting related T-shirt (Georgia) from Threadless – a website where people can submit their ideas for graphic T’s with the possibility of having them printed if there’s enough interest.
Now he has something up there which I love – a very moody piece filled with romance and [...]

Boring Post

The lovely charcoal is for a One Planet project. The purple one is some swatching yarn that Lisa kindly sent me to try. And the off white one is yak down for my second project for Yahaira’s book – which is, incidentally, also almost done knitting-wise.
Have I said already that I love [...]

Go see Sicko

My husband and I just came back from watching the new Michael Moore film – Sicko – which was mysteriously billed as a comedy at our local theatre (if only!). I’m not a political person – I’m ashamed to say that I’ve only voted in one election – but this movie really must be [...]

A thoughtful gift & a late night film

Fellow bloggers are the nicest people. I made an offhand comment several weeks ago to There’s a velcro fastening at the top where you can insert a coat hanger to discretely stow your now organized circular needle collection in an out of the way closet. Thanks so much, Edna!
Last night, my husband and [...]

Knit blogger meet ups and marathon knitting

Several Fridays ago, I finally went to one of the weekly Spider meetups at the Point Cafe. This is the result of a solid weekend of knitting. My hands are quite sore, but one design is almost finished.

That’s what I call a *big* skein

Last week, I finally bought a ball winder to go along with my new simple swift from Italy. And today, I used it to wind one of the largest skeins of yarn I’ve ever seen (aside from those mega-huge laceweight skeins from Handmaiden). For comparison’s sake, here’s the skein next to a piddly [...]

Coming up for air

I’ve been completely swamped the last two weeks, buried under a mountain of yarn and a fast approaching (and then receding) deadline. I think I finally managed to send in something I’m happy with and that I hope they will be happy with. It’s the most difficult project I’ve done and I was [...]