Handknitless No Longer

Several weeks ago, we visited Ithaca and we stopped by my favorite yarn shop, Knitting Etc. Olivia picked out her color which was then promptly overruled by me. A few short weeks later, a cardigan was born*.

* Actually, the real story is I knit the sample (pictured) for the Wee Austin in the [...]

A Look of Reproach from a Handknit-less Baby

No, I haven’t knit her anything since her coming-home cardigan months ago. Yes, I am working on something for her for Rhinebeck. Maybe I’ll even get it done in time.

Lights, Camera, Action — Knitting Daily TV

I was at the Knitting Daily TV studios last week to tape two short segments promoting my upcoming book — Textured Stitches. I was really nervous about having to talk in public — or in this case, in front of hosts Shay and Eunny, the TV crew, and a bunch of cameras — but [...]

Angela Hahn’s Bunny Yoke Pattern Available Now!

I was hoping the next time I posted I’d have some knitting progress of my own to report, but alas, I’m stuck in a bit of a rut. My top-down design with Canopy Fingering is languishing a bit as I try to decide what to do about the hems. I’ve knit and ripped out [...]

Yellows on my mind

My mother always warned me away from yellows, saying they brought out the sallow pallor of our Asian skin.  But I’ve always been drawn to it, in all its many shades and nuances.  I made Olivia’s coming-home Tern cardigan in Buoy, a rich golden yellow, banking on the possibility that she’d inherit my husband’s yellow-friendly [...]

Two posts in one week? and baby sweaters (!)

There’s something extra special and sweet about welcoming a baby into this world with handknits.  Between my job and finishing up my book with Interweave, however, I only managed to make a few socks and her coming-home cardigan.  Fortunately for Olivia, her mom is lucky to count amongst her friends some very talented knitters and [...]

Giveaway Winners!

I finally managed to pull out my trusty GNU Octave random number generator and compiled a list of winners. I decided to round out the winner count to 7 and they are commenters #90, 163, 51, 157, 175, 18, and 26. I’ve already emailed the winners, so if Liz, Irene, PICAdrienne, Maribel, Amanda [...]

Christmas is, er, here?

On my way to a cupcake date with Melissa and Colleen on Friday, I walked past Bryant Park and saw this:

Looks like the Bryant Park Holiday Market is up and running. I love Christmas, but this is a little soon isn’t it? The rest of the city’s holiday markets (Grand Central, Columbus Circle, [...]

Is this thing on?

Whew! I guess I dropped off the face of the earth for a while, didn’t I? I had a pretty intense long-distance commute to work and my knitting book deadline to blame. But for the forseeable future, my next work project will keep me in NYC so I hope to post more in the [...]

TNNA Recap (Mostly in photos)

I think I waited too long to post about TNNA because my memory of it is getting a little fuzzy…kind of like what happened after my wedding.  The images are there, but somehow the narrative escapes me.  So I’ll rely mostly on my somewhat blurry cell phone photos to tell the tale of my whirlwind weekend [...]

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